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The Journal By Molly...

Leading Into My Life..

Molly Z
5 November 1983
Heyaz! I'm 34, (updated 5/21/18), live in Tennessee (updated 3/14/15), really interested in music, happily taken (since 6-1-11), working on my songs, and live streaming music rehearsals (updated 5/21/18). If you want to know more about me, just read my journals or check out the links below of which sites I hang out at (besides LJ) or you can ask me. :-)

My Other Pages:

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/mollyz2000 --> My boring videos, lol.

Blog Star: http://www.blogstar.com/people/72 --> This site is dead. :( RIP BlogStar.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mollyz2000 --> I almost never go there anymore, since they changed their layout of their site. (I don't like it).

Facebook: If any one here actually knows my full name, type it there, add me if you haven't yet, and even hang out. :-) Again, I don't update often on this site.

VaughnLive: http://vaughnlive.tv/mollyz2000 --> I don't stream on that site anymore since 2016. (updated 5/21/18)

BandMix: http://www.bandmix.com/mollyz2000 --> I posted 4 samples of songs I've written and recorded. Check them out, and let me know what you think.

Peace out, and much love to everyone, always.
-30-, 15x, 60's rock, 70's rock, aimee mann, alanis morissette, autumn leaves, barenaked ladies, beatles, biking, bisexual, bisexuals, blaine, boy meets world, calvin & hobbes, carly simon, cars, cats, charlie watts, cheese, childhood memories, colin, comedies, comedy, computers, corri, cuddling, daydreaming, dirtbikes, donald fagen, doobie brothers, emo, eric matthews, exile on mainstreet, food, friends, frost raven, garfield, gay, gay issues, gay pride, girls, goddess in the doorway, growth of alliance, guitars, guys, hacky sacks, halfway to nowhere, hilary duff, humor, hw2nw, in attaca, incubus, jackson browne, jim morrison, jose neto, juno reactor, justice, keef, keith knudsen, keith richards, leather, lesbian, lesbians, levon helm, linkin park, live, local music, locale a.m., locale am, masturbation, michael mcdonald, mick jagger, milk, motorcycles, music, oasis, only on tuesdays, ozzy osbourne, patrick simmons, paul simon, peace, pictures, playing drums, playing guitar, playing music, pooh, punk, punk music, punk rock, queer as folk, reading, reading journals, red hot chili peppers, relaxation, riding, rolling stones, ronnie wood, samproof, sex, sex and the city, sister sister, ska, sleep, smell the power, solemite, spaghetti, steel wheels, steely dan, stephan jenkins, steve winwood, sting, swimming, switchfoot, tape recorders, that's so raven, the band, the beatles, the cars, the doobie brothers, the locals, the matches, the oasis, the police, the rolling stones, third eye blind, tom johnston, tom petty, two against nature, v-8, walter becker, webcams, will friedle, winnie the pooh, wit's end, writing