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Stuff From Today

Today was a good, accomplishing day. My math teacher told me since I worked so incredibly hard on getting her latest math test done for four days and I'm getting a strong 'A' in her class, she had decided as of last night to let me not take her math final and I'll still get an 'A'. Huge relief off my back and unexpected, since she told everyone for the past week to study for the final. She told me that I'm the only one out of all of her classes that's not taking her final, because I've worked my arse off all semester and I deserve something good. So thanks Ms. Hunter!

Tonight, I wrote a song that's incomplete, but here's a rough draft of it so far in the works:


When I think of you
I don't stress over my problems
I put them all aside
For you have drawn me to reality
to make me sane

I sit here wondering about my life
What's worth my time
But when I'm with you
I suspend the little things that take up my time

Decisions, Decisions to be made
What we can do together
to make us happy
The sound of your laughter
Lightens my spirits to silver & gold sparkles
Making me feel uncrappy

You give me courage
For me to be myself and no other
To be creative and original
which I can't understand to cover
all alone

I walk around wondering
what you want me to do
Lately I have wondered
the same for you too!


There will be more to this song, but I need to come up with more lyrics and I'll be set to get other musical ideas for this song. I'm pleased with this tune, because this is the first song I've written alone, and this has been something I've been wishing to do for years and years. I'll let you know hopefully how this turns out.

Need sleep for early work tomorrow. Still having wrist problems and I'm unsure as to how I'm gonna work with a crappy wrist tomorrow, but hopefully I'll hang in there. Laterz...

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