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Ups and Downs

Last night's Musical Winter Concert went really well. Everyone did great except me, which wasn't actually my fault. As soon as our chorus went up to sing our stuff, I couldn't sing worth beans - my voice was literally gone. Luckily my buddies that sing my part with me helped me out last night; so I kinda lipped-sung one or two songs and tried to make the best of it. It made me so mad, because I wasn't nervous and I was really looking forward to doing another good performance for our local community and our parents and friends. I also felt embarrassed, knowing I could have done a zillion times better than last night if I wasn't still semi sick. Ah well, at least the pressure is over and we did fantastic, so I'm happy about that.

I managed to finish a few big tests and other deadlines that needed to be done today in my resource class. Now all I have to do is study for my math and government final, and hopfully I'll do okay. Speaking of Government, I'm getting a 'C' now. Not good. Extra credit is offered and if I do really well on my final, I might be able to bring it back up to a 'B' at least for the report card. Apparently, there was only ONE 25-point assignment I missed, and my teacher won't let me make it up; argh!

Going to bed, dad's in a lousy mood, so I can't spend time with him. Night night!

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