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my mom's falling apart AGAIN!

I hate to be negative about anything, especially about my mom, but it has to be said. My mom and my brother were over here for a few hours visiting us from their trip to New Orleans, which they had a great time. But to make a long story short, we talk about a few personal stuff, and things get rough in the end. It results in her taking away my favorite photo album of my life. She says she'll give it back to me, but she won't really.

I have no trust in her anymore; she went back to drinking heavily again and I cannot count on her for anything like I used to a few weeks or so ago. She lied to me about stuff that deals with her, and my trust for her is gone. She took it away from me due to alcohol.

That's it for now. I'll just say that I love my mom very dearly, but I really wish someone would really wake her up and make her come back to the real reality.
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