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I think I'm coming down with a small cold, probably because I'm around too many people that are currently sick. :-( Not cool. I'm supposed to stay haealthy for Wednesday night (Chorus concert night). My voice hurts too much to try to beltch out and sing, and it might get worse tomorrow. Dread! I wanna stay home from school tomorrow, but I can't because I have a huge Government project due and I have to be there or else I'll fail the damn class. :-( Not good.

Ok - this part's gonna sound weird, so get ready! Last night, I realized that I was slowly starting to get sick with a mild soar throat and clogged nose. Without thinking about the fact of getting sick until later, I was stressed from work and decided to masturbate off the stress. Good solution in a few ways:
1. It cleared up the sinuses I was starting to have in my nose and stuff.
2. Released stress from Saturday's work and stress from school.
3. Helped me go to sleep later.

I know I'm wierd like that with masturbation, but it's much better than beating something up or acting violent or crying or blaming someone or something, etc. So tell me - how do you deal with your own stress? It could be anything...
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