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Big Ramble Catch-up Time

Work I finally got the letter to my boss done, so I'll probably be quitting my job at Safeway in two weeks from now. That's the up side of it, but here's the downside that could be fixed later. I realized a few days ago that I'm low on money but a lot, which is not a good thing, especially at this time when I want to buy Christmas stuff for people and having to give money to my dad, since he's broke right now. :-( Hopefully in a week from now, I'll get a job working at Videola and might get paid a teeny bit more than what I'm making now; who knows. Anyway, that's one thing that's stressed me out this week.

School Most of my stress is in this trail of nonsense, especially this week. My government class has been a huge torture on my inner and outer part of my body. I know it sounds wierd, but having a real bitchy teacher that assigns three times more homework than any other teacher in our school has gotten everyone that has her class so stressed that they either ditch her class and won't do work, or they complain/bitch/cry to their councelors begging them to get out of that class and get a different teacher. Not happening, too late to change that.
This semester is almost over, and I still have a huge Court project due Monday, plus her final the week after that. I know I'm rambling about this and it probably doesn't make sense to you, but I've been stressed all week trying to cram in as much time as possible to get three huge assignments done by today. I managed to finish all three of the assignments this morning, which was good and a huge relief off my back. But more problems come up when I get into Government class: I turned in my notebook as I walked in the door, and according to my teacher at the time, it was acceptable and good enough to turn in. When it came around for our class to edit each other's notebooks and see if they met the requirements according to the notebook sheet, I didn't know until almost the end of the freaking period that my teacher had given us yet another notebook sheet containing more homework to complete. Which also meant higher points for the notebook. SO I never got the second notebook sheet and got a ZERO on the assignments that I didn't know I was supposed to do, since I was absent for a day. Dammit. I was hoping to get an "A" on the notebook, and now I'm probably gonna fail it bad. Not good!
Chorus is another stress issue, but not as bad as Government class. Our chorus class has a big Winter Concert next Wednesday night and there's one song that I'm not satisfied with, because we haven't rehearsed it that much (CoRri, try to guess which one it is. Hint: It's not any of the Christmas tunes). I'm sure I'll do fine the night of the concert, it's just I'm nervous about it all, I guess.

Anyway, this came out longer than expected. Sorry about that, but that's what happens when I get into something deeply and ramble on about it. One more short thing though: Tomorrow after school, I'm going to the Oasis, and my cool buddy Colin's gonna play there for the second time (Go Colin!!) Should be fun! Need to get to bed and flush out the stress in me from this week. Night night sweet LJers!

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