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Today I went back to work and it fucking SUCKED!!!! The good part of it was I got a lot of shit done, so I'm pretty happy about that. That's what I'm there for. People there want to socialize and try to talk to me and shit like that and I'm like NOT in the mood to talk to people except for customers when I'm working. Since I had two weeks off from work and haven't been there in a while, people were asking me how I was doing and if I still worked and what I did during those two weeks off... I didn't mind at first but more and more people kept on getting involved and I DID NOT feel like telling my whole damn story or whatever to them. Everyone at work likes to gossip about shit and I don't want to be involved. Ya know, I'm just not interested and I could care less about their damn soap opera problems, and I just don't wanna hear it! NOW I know why I wanted to quit this fucking job in the first place, which was because of them and their shit. I can't deal with it and I feel like I can't work with these people. Anyway enough of that... I'm gonna try and quit there soon and hopefully get another job that I can enjoy for a while and that pays more.

Right now I'm trying to chat with Ariel and she seems REALLY down... Hope she's not mad at me or anything. I'm worried about her and hope she's well... Damn she JUST got offline... I miss her and I guess I won't bug her or call her tonight.

I watched Queer As Folk and it's set me off in a depressing mood. Seems like each episode it goes downhill and doesn't get better. Well any of you guys that has missed out on it or whatever, I'm not gonna give the story away for those who haven't seen it, it wouldn't be fair...

Haven't chatted with T for ages it seems like and I last chatted with D a few days ago. I guess he's ok. But I did manage to talk to T on the phone on Friday which was cool. I tried calling Kelly this morning and got her obnoxious friend lauren who picked up and said she was there, but wouldn't let me talk to her. ARGH that really pissed me off because I think Kelly's got this week off from school and I wanted to arrange for her to stay up with me for a week. Guess that's not happening.

My dad insists on getting me to bed now so I better go... G'night readers.

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