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~*Thanks Y'all*~

Hey there! First of all, I wanna thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! Big thanks to Josie for the mail b-day present too! That was sweet!

Yesterday I took work off and my dad and I visited my brother and his friend for the day. It was lots of fun. Today wasn't bad for a Monday, especially at school. Not much homework, and very low stress today. I got to hang out with my favorite Max and his buddies for most of the day, so that was awesome. He's such a sweet, cool person to hang out with. :-)

Tonight my dad, his friend, and I went to Avenue Grill and we all had steak, and brought home the left-overs too. Man they were really delicious but filling as well. But I still enjoyed every bit of it that i could stand.

Ahh I'm real tired, so I think I'm hitting the sack soon. NIght night everyone, and thanks again for the b-day wishes. :-)

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