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I'm not doing this again!!

Yesterday was both a good and bad day. I'm not in the mood to go into detail about it right now, because I'm on my lunch hour and I'm gonna have to go back to work soon. But last night I was typing up a very serious long entry about all the crap that happened yesterday. I wasn't even finished with it, but it was really late and I needed to get to bed. So I figured I'll finish it this morning and post it. But my computer went wacko, and I had to restart it, completely forgetting all about the unfinished entry.

Same thing happened with one of my recent masturbation dialogs I was typing up on my labtop. But this time, I saved that entry about 3 times, and lost by the time I had to restart the damn computer. I give up, what a waste of time trying to type stuff up that I've worked so hard on, and next thing I know, it disappears. If I'm absolutely bored or something, maybe I'll have more patience to retype some stuff up that I lost. But what's the point? It's not gonna be the same feeling as the first time I typed and thought it out. Ah whatever. HI to CoRri and Theresa! Laterz...

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