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This week has been so busy for me, which is why I haven't written in here for a few days. (Feels really guilty :-( ) I've been wound up doing a stupid government project with a few people, so I've been working on it on and off. My group members were supposed to actually come over here at my house so we could continue to work on it together; they decided that they all had work to do and couldn't make it. One of them was sick and didn't make it to school, so that was alright. I think it was just as well, because by the end of the day, i was burned out from the whole day of too much thinking. But that's what school's all about, right?

Here's my quarter grades: (I didn't get them yet in the mail, but I know what they are)
Essay: A-
Intermediate Algebra: A
Chorus: A
Government: B+
T/A Counselor: Pass
Creative Learning: A

It's not a bad report card, but I really wanted that A in Government, since I worked so damn hard and I had an A in that class before. oh well. It's ok, because it's still the best grades I've gotten in a long time. I'm so proud of myself! More to come laterz...

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