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The Weekend News

Here's an upcoming report on my weekend. :-) Saturday I worked 8am to 5pm, wasn't a bad shift. Just too busy at the store. after that, my dad and I took off to Shoe Pavilion to get me some nice hi-heel shoes for me to wear at the homecoming dance. Then we zoom back home, have dinner, and I quickly got ready to go.

Thinking for sure that I had everything I needed for the night, my dad and I left the house and drove off to the dance. We're talking in the car and I realized half-way to the dance that I had forgotten my ticket to get into the dance. So we turn around, zoom back home, pick up the ticket that was sitting on my desk, and zoomed off again. I finally got to the dance at about 7:30pm with the ticket and my school ID with me finally. But they decided not to open their dorrs till 8pm, which no one told any of us ahead of time that they were opening then. So we stood outside for a half hour in the freezing clearness of the night and talk to our buddies until the doors opened.

I finally got in, made myself comfortable, and started dancing a little bit to warm the night up. More people showed up and the dance floor got more crowded as the night went on. People were stepping on each other's feet while they were dancing, so i got stepped on several times. By the end of the night, my feet were severely in pain from people stomping on me throughout the night that I almost couldn't walk on them.

I danced with three guys that I thought were kinda cute. They were Max, Cam, and Trevor. max and Cam were the cutest and I mostly danced with Max. He's gotta be the sexiest dancer in the world! I had such a good night. The dance ended early at 11pm.

After the dance was over, I walk towards the front of the school, made a phone call to my dad and told him to pick me up. While I was waiting for him, a black student freaked out on everyone except me, since he thought/knew I didn't do anything wrong to him. So I guess someone triggered something that majorly pissed him off, and was running around the school cussing people out, breaking snapple glass bottles, and calling them the "N" word (which I don't want to say on here, cuz it's really offensive to me) several times. Finally, the cops came by and arrested him. There was three cop cars out there, so I felt a little safer that they were there. But I was scared for my life, because I've never seen that before, especially in our school. He was also threatening people that he'll hurt them if they said anything at all. Finally my dad picked me up, and I told him what happened. We were both glad to be home safe and sound, because 10 minutes later, cop car sirens were going off as the same set of cops that were at the school drove by across the street from us. Anyway, I finally slept the whole night off, on the couch, by midnight.

Sunday morning, I woke up at about 7am with my body aching from sleeping wrong the night before. (NOTE TO SELF: Do not sleep on the couch at night, or I'll wake up in bad condition). I went to work from 9am to 6pm. Part of the day was annoying for a whole bunch of reasons, but it'll take me an hour to try to mention them all, so i'll mention it some other time. Anyway, the rest of the evening went smoothly, and I finally got a night to relax and not go anywhere. :-) So that was good!

Today was both a good and bad day. my day was good up to my 4th period class, Government. I got my mid-term test back and flunked it. Which will bring my grade down probably from and "A" to a "C" or "D". Dammit, I was hoping for straight As this quarter. Oh well, I guess I can't always get what I want, like the Rolling Stones say. The rest of the day passed on a good note, so that was good. I just need to talk to my Government teacher tomorrow, since I have a President quiz and she needs to know what's going on.

Anyway, enough of my story for now. Sorry it came out long, but that's what happens when I lack writing in here for a day or two. Hope everyone has a really good night. :-) Peace out everyone!

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