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people & crap

Ok, I'm in my stupid tutorial class, and there's nothing for me to right now except journaling in here. So here it goes...

The first class I had today was US history. It went really well, and kinda funny too in a way. :-) A few of my friends (carl and Kim) and I needed to record a short little presentation about our topic which was farming and crops and stuff... So we had a contry song in the background while we each read our given lines. (I'm not crazy about country but it was Carl's idea to add that in our presentation) So we went to play it back and one of the lines I said sounded like I said something else... But we'll see how it goes when we play it in front of the class on Monday...

Right now I'm actually pissed off at someone that thinks he has a fucking right to get into MY damn business, and fucking give me inconsiderate comments and trying to get me in trouble. ARGH like grow up ya dork!! The interesting thing is in my school, most sophomores his age DON'T act like that, which is nice. I'm a freaking junior and he knows not to mess with me or I'll kick his sorry little ass. My teacher knows that I'm a good student and that he's probably lying about that crap... Anyway, enough of my complaining there...

Well no homework for the weekend, YAY because I did most of it last night and hopefully I won't have any more homework next period, I know. Maybe next period I'll take the time to work on my website and see what other stuff I need to add on it. That is if my teacher'll let me, which she probably will. I'm gonna be in the same class that I'm in now next period, it's basically a creative learning/study hall class. It's a really nice class, and nice to have it at the last part of the day. :-)

I write more about what's going on with me and Ariel, and last night. That'll be the next entry, hopefully. So stay tuned folks!

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