Molly Z (mjz) wrote,
Molly Z

early this morning

Yes i'm back, but only briefly. Work yesterday was both good and bad, but managed to get through it. :-) On my lunch break, I finally got to talk to D and he seemed pretty down and depressed. So I did my best to cheer him up, and he did manage to feel a bit better, which was great. Went back to work, and thought a lot about him, and worried about him too, I guess. I'm sure he's ok now.

Then after work, I came home completely pooped and tired. Then went online, but the server seemed to be dead... The only thing it could do at that point was send and receive emails, that's it. Then by about 11pm, the server was back up and running. But it was pretty much useless to do anything at that point since I needed to go to sleep anyway.

Still haven't chatted with T yet and haven't heard from him since Friday, so I have no idea what's up. Tried to call Kelly last night and as usual, she wasn't home. DAMN!! I'm just not having much luck this weekend, I guess.

I managed to squeeze in a little time to do homework that needed to be done, unfortunately not all of it's done. I still got history and science to deal with, and they're classes I'm not doing well in right now. Well I better get a move along and get stuff done and get ready for school. I'll write more soon.
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