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Current Update from last post

OK I know the last post was kinda crazy, weird, and the unusual of my ramblings, but I was bored and had to write. I didn't feel like socializing during lunch....

Anyway, my elbow has been hurting on and off today, kinda bothers me. A few times, I've lightly bumped into the bruised, funny bone part, causing the pain in my arm to increase for a good hour. I hate that! So I've been extra careful not to touch it or anything, since it's still sensitive. I still have the stupid bandage on. Probably should take it off now, since every time I bend my elbow, it pulls the little hairs on my arms away, causing the skin to sting a little. Well enough on that, it should get better by tomorrow anyway.

I have to do a bunch of studying for Govt and still make my note sheet for the exam. On top of that, i have a bunch of Govt homework assigned to me that's due Monday and/or Tuesday. I don't mean to complain, but this is ridiculous! How am I supposed to study for the exam AND get a bunch of homework done before Monday?!? I won't have time on the weekend because I work (as usual). Maybe I shouldn't worry so much and just plow through it as much as I can, and not rush it all.

I think i'm gonna head to bed early tonight. I'm fried from the long, cloudy day at school. G'night y'all.

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