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Lunch Posting

During lunch at school, I was bored and decided to ramble write, so here it is:

Good Morning but Crappy Start, @ 11:45am

Today was a good day so far, except for the fact that Russ accidentally pushed me into some rough ground while we were rough-playing before the bell rang. My left elbow is bruised and scraped up. Had to go to the nurse to get a big bandage for it. It was hurting pretty bad earlier this morning, but not anymore now.
Hm, haven't seen Simon walk by from working at the cafeteria (we call it the Student Center). Doesn't matter anyway.
I'm listening to a mix of songs I recorded off the radio from really early this morning. It's pretty tight shit! There's a disco/techno song playing in spanish, and it's been stuck in my head ever since I recorded it. :-)

Lunch is almost over and Simon Just passed by! Amazing stuff... Laterz.
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