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I wrote earlier

Here's something I wrote during my third class (Chorus) and not being able to get to a computer right then:

Ramblings @ 1:19pm
This morning was difficult for me becauseof the whole Kelly thing, but I had people and friends to talk to, even my Resource teacher and my Counselor. As the day went on, I started to slowly feel better and forget about the whole thing. I'm still upset about it, but slowly moving on from it.
Right now, I'm in Chorus and I guess we're about to go over the song "Dirait-On."We're trying to learn the French words to the song, and it's very hard and stressful since I barely know the melody line and I don't know any French and how to pronounce the words. Hopefully someone in our class should know how they're suppose to be pronounced. :-)

Update @ 1:37pm
The teacher Said, "Screw it," and now we're running thru the song "Magic To Do." The we'll be out of class.

Last Update @ 1:40pm
The bell just rang and I gotta get to my last class of the day, which I dread sooo much, and that is Government. Laterz.
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