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Crappy things

Yesterday afternoon was crappy. I smashed my left thumb into a heavy door at work so it still hurts like hell now. I went to the Vigil last night and it was good. It wasn't part of my crappy thoughts, but thought I'd put it here so I don't forget. It was good and about 1800 people attended last night. it was amazing! I cried in the end because I really wanted to reach out to all of my friends and even enemies and hug them. I looked for Simon DZ as well, couldn't find him. :-( But I did hug some of the people that were there and got hugs back. So I guess it's cool.

Right now I'm worried about Ariel. Dunno what's up, but she doesn't feel like chatting with anyone. I wish I could hug her, but I can't, so it hurts. I guess I'm just in a weird unhappy mood at the moment. I had a good day at school and got lots of things done, even with my bad thumb. But still...

Today was also one of my friend's birthday and he had a real bad day cuz no one likes him. I feel bad for him, but at the same time, it's his fault because he has a tendacy to creep some girls out, and he doesn't know how to back off. Well enough on him for now...

Dad's also pissing me off and not letting me help him out with dinner. Whatever, i'm going now. Laterz...

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