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ups, downs, and stuff...

Well I'm sitting here not doing much except waiting for Ariel to call me back and playing a few StudentCenter games and chatting. :-) Probably sounds boring but that's what I'm up to right now anyway...

Nothing much happened today excpet there was a fake fire drill at school, near the end of my 6th period class... It was really dumb but whatever. Got out today at about 12:30, went to Starbucks and saw Mike working near the end of his shift. I guess after his shift he wanted to go home and sleep, which was totally understandable. So I'm hoping we'll get together and do something fun on Friday after school and after work for him. I can't wait!

So I sat for a half hour at a bus stop waiting for a bus to come and take me home. Then I finally got home, got online, accidentally fell asleep at my desk while chatting with a few people and watching Logan... Ooops! So I napped out for two hours, then did a few small things after that... AND now Ariel just got online! WOOHOO!

Well a small downer that has nothing to do with me, but I thought I'd mention it anyway, since it does have to do with my school... I guess one of the secretaries at my school passed away yesterday of cancer. I didn't know her that well but I heard it this morning... Quite tragic. But it didn't ruin my day since I later on had forgotten about it. Not very many students knew her, I don't think... I don't know.

I have a minor headache right now, but hopefully it should go away soon. I have a little bit of science studying to do for a small quiz. So I better get to it. :-) Good night y'all!
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