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A Pleasent Day, besides Work

Today was a cool day. Barely got up on time for work but got to work, came home for my lunch break at 10am, then went back at 11am and finished my shift. It was stressful but not bad in the end. Afterwards, I ran into one of my new Co-workers (Sara) and we talked for a bit and we went to my house for a little bit. Then she went back to work and is still there now. She has to work kinda late tonight. :-( Ah well I guess.

Anyway, my dad and I went out at around 5:30pm and got me a new backpack and a pencil box. So I'm satisfied. After that, my dad turned me on to a really nice burger place that's nothing like Burger King, McDonalds, or In or Out. I think it's called Erik's Drive In Place. It's like the only burger place I know of that came from the 1960s and such. All of their foods are fresly made and actually manually cooked and not by some machine that adds sorta chemical crap to the fries and stuff. Anyway this place had a juke box full of oldies songs, so they were being played while we were eating our food. It was a really awesome environment to hang out at. I hope to go there soon. :-)

i should get going, I need to study for a Government test that's tomorrow and i'm not sure if my teacher will modify my test or let me use my notes if I get stuck. Tomorrow's gonna be a long, stressful day. I hope everyone's had a great weekend. :-)

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