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What's going on w/ me This Week :-)

Sorry for not writing... Been busy lately with school and work. BUT I did have fun at the Oasis last Friday, even though 3 bands cancelled and brought in one more band to make it 4 bands complete. Ah well, it was still good.

Saturday I worked from 1pm to 10pm. It sucked but plowed thru it. Sunday I worked from 11:30am to 8:30pm and sucked as well. It was worse because of the labor day weekend, and everyone was being hectic and bitchy so I knew it was gonna come. I requested Monday off and went to Holly's house Sunday night and hung out there until Monday evening. It was ok, but thinking it probably would've been better if I stayed home. Holly and Matt were fussy over where THEY wanted to sleep, not letting me choose where I wanted to sleep. So I had NO space and had to sleep with them. Whatever. Ale was gone all weekend so i didin't see him at all.

Tuesday, back at school. Not too bad of a day except too much homework. Oh well, got it done anyway. Yesterday went smoothly. Went to my Chiropractor appt and he told me that my back's improving a whole bunch, which is great! I'll be going back there in two weeks from now. Today was annoying though. Too much pressure to get class work done plus study for aome quizzes for next week, which I might be ready for, but who knows.

My main goal this last school year is to do really well and beyond, so i can get straight "A"s. I've never gotten that before and I think it would be a treat to get that my senior year, which means I need to work and study twice harder than before to be successful. Hope this goal will be accomplished somehow this year.

G'nighters! Hope everyone's doing well.

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