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Part 2 of This Week's Posting...

Ahh that's better, turned my bedroom light on to see what I'm doing. Anyway, I woke up barely on time this morning, got my dad up, made him coffee while I made me tea for the day. He left and I went to Safeway real quick for a few things for the house we needed. Then I left for the bus at 7:20am, got on, and got to school at 10 minutes to 8am.

Realizing I have my period, which I call my moon, my body was seriously slowing down fast by the time I got to my first class. Headache + stomach ache + cramps = lack of food. So I was drowsy for 2 hours this morning, and finally got food at the snack bar. AND guess who's working behind the snack bar? Simon! Noticing his line was the shortest, I got into that line even though I didn't want to. So I got a big slice of bread, and slowly started feeling better as the day progressed on.

So I did some hw that's due tomorrow in my Creative Learning class and got it all done. So no pressure for tonight! Then lunch rolled around, and a cool friend named Scott and I hung out and shared some chicken that he bought from Safeway. Man it was Delicious! After I was done eating I socialized with my other buddies, even with my friends I hung out with after school yesterday. So we all did a good amount of running around chasing each other, joking around and laughing our asses off. So that felt good to do that. After lunch, I went home, dropped off my stuff, then came back to school at the end of the school day and hung out with my friends again till about 3:30pm. Then came home and crashed on the couch for 3 hours, then had dinner about an hour ago.

After dinner, my dad had left to do a side electrical job with someone for a while tonight. He should be back in an hour, I think. I was thinking about taking an evening walk but looking out the window now, it's a little dark to do it now. :-( Although it would've been sooo pretty.

I'm going to the Oasis this Friday, then I gotta work Saturday from 1pm to 10pm. DAMN! I'll probably be working Sunday and maybe Monday too, since it's a Labor Day Weekend. I'll try to keep posting in here. I've tried for days to write an entry in here and haven't had access to get in to LJ. I was able to read my LJ Friends' Page, but unable to post anything new till now.

So i appoligize for both this post and the last post for being so damn long, but need to catch up on events to refer back to since I last posted. So good night everyone and sweet dreams if I don't post any more tonight. :-)
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