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This week's Posting...

First of all, I want to say hi to someone that I haven't heard from in weeks, and have missed him lots ~*(DRUMROLL)*~ Vortex! Nice to see ya posting again. :-)

Anyway, moving on to other matters... Last Friday my dad made a BBQ and our friends showed up late. So we walked to a Pasta Restaurant and had dinner there. Saturday I worked from 7am-4pm. Came home and packed up to go to Holly's place for the rest of the weekend. Got to her house later on that evening, and we all had dinner, talked, etc. I can't remember exactly what happened then. Ale came home late from the movies at 3am, and we stayed up for 2 hours watching a cool movie called "Road Trip." After that, we cuddled up for the night like brother and sister and went to sleep. Sunday we slept in till 11am. Actually I had to wake up a little bit before 9am to call in sick for work. Then I went back to sleep.

Anyway, I got breakfast, woke up, hopped in the swimming pool for a bit to wake me up more. Then got out, dried off, did my hw, fell asleep in Ale's room for a few hours till late afternoon. Then we all had dinner, and I packed up my stuff and Holly took me home at 9pm Sunday night. It was a very fun visit with Matt, Ale, and Holly.

Monday came and I had a full 6-period day at school. Not a bad day, but I was stressing over the amount of hw I was getting from 3 of my classes, and they were all due the next day. But I managed to get them all done between monday night and yesterday morning. Monday after school, I hung out with Colin, Noelle, and a couple more people at Starbucks. Then my dad picked me up from there, and we went to Holly's house to pick her and Matt up for some nature exploring. That went well, but some parts of it was kinda spooky and freaky, but overall it was great. Then my dad and I got home late and I was already stresasing over how I was gonna get my hw done for the next day. But I managed.

Tuesday (yesterday) rolls around the corner, zooms by kinda fast, and the whole school day went very smoothly UNTIL after school. After school, a few guys who are friends with Simon DZ invited me to go hang out wuth them for a while and watch them skateboard. What I didn't want to have happen was to have Simon come walking over near us and seeing me, then going the other way. Well it happened folks!

I was seriously getting bummed out due to the fact that Simon hasn't moved on from what happened last year, and still wants nothing to do with me. He still accusses me of stalking him, which I KNOW I'm not! Plus he gossiped about it to most of his friends that I hang out with and made them believe his damn story. Well ya know what, it's B/S! So my friends were questioning me, butting into my business about what happened last year, and basically made a big fucking deal out of the whole thing. So they ran up to Simon and I was going to go with them, but decided to not do it. So I walked back to school, ran into my dad, and he took me home.

I napped out after that, still upset about what happened, but knew it would help me later. So I woke up at about 7:30pm and my dad and I went out to the Avenue Grill Restaurant, and got some steak for dinner. OMG it was soooooo good!!! Brought home the left overs, which I might eat tonight. After that last night, I made tea, drank tea, and told my dad that I'm hitting the hay for the night. So I stayed up and listened to music, got up at 2am and played Pinball on my computer, then went to sleep.

I'll post about today and later things for this week. ------>Turn the page.

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