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This week's news.

Hey y'all! Not much time to write this morning so I'll make it a quick post for ya.

Monday and Tuesday I worked, got an hour overtime Tuesday night since we were VERY short on people. Means more money for me! YAY! Anyway, Wednesday I went to school, got my pic taken, got my Spirit Pack ($80.00), and hung out with my old buddies. I walked home with a cool girl that I've known since last year named Rainy. Later that afternoon, we went to McDonalds to get food since we were starving, then split for home afterwards. It was a really nice socializing day, but my body and feet were especially tired from walking all day! So I got home, napped out big time. Then dad came home, we had dinner, and I split to bed early to get ready for the next big day.

Thursday (yesterday) was really cool but exhausting too! I plowed thru the day by going to all my classes (even one of them that I didn't like because of a teacher that I had last year that was bitchy to our class), checking them out, and realizing they're all not that bad. It should hopefully be a fun last year at Tam High. I had forgotten how crowded our school is, 1000+ people total! But it was great seeing everyone again, especially Simon DZ. He freaking cut his long hair not too much, but enough where I almost didn't recognize him. Oh well. By the end of the day, I was extremely pooped, didn't want to socialize to the world, go anywhere, or have someone make me do something right then. So I got home, took a REALLY nice long nap. I was into a really ecstatic dream until my dad came home, woke me up, and told me we had to go someplace to meet up with QQ. I told him many times NO. But he didn't fucking listen. So I had to drag my ass out of the couch, change clothes, and head out the door with my dad.

I mean, it takes a lot of energy (for me anyway) to get ready to go someplace and actually do it. I was in no mood to do anything like that yesterday. But I think I was glad I did, because I saw QQ, got me something to eat and feeling much better afterwards, and also running into lots of people from the Oasis. :-) But we stayed out late and I didn't get to bed till almost midnight, which pissed me off. But I'm up now getting ready for my second day of school.

Have a great day everyone. Laterz.

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