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This morning's babbling

Well I managed to get my ass up by 6:15am to get my dad up. I was thinking about going back to bed afterwards, but decided not to. I have to be at work from 10am to 7pm. YUCK! if i went back to bed, then I'd have a hard time trying to get up for work, so here I am staying up.

School starts this Thursday and I have to get my pics taken on Wednesday along with some paperwork I need to fill out with my dad for emergencies, yearbook, sports, etc. So I should start filling that crap out today.

Last week (I think Tuesday it was) I had decided to put on a temporary tatooon my right arm. It looks so cool and real too, and I actually fooled a few people with it too. Anyway, I still had it on yesterday afternoon, and it still looked ok andnot peeling off too much. Well I wake up this morning to find out ALL of it's GONE! Kinda bummed me out but I have two more of them, so i'll just put a new one on the same place tomorrow or something, so I can look stylish for school for a while.

Anyway, that's my little rant for the morning. I need to get back into the habit of writing in here more, especially when school's starting back up. Ah well, more ramblings laterz. Have a good day everyone!
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