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My cool weekend before school starts...

Friday night I had a good time at the Oasis. Ale and I went together, met up with Jordan over there later, and caught a ride back to his place at 1am. Then we all stayed up late till 5am talking, playing video games, and doing some stuff online. I took a few pics of a couple of bands that were at the Oasis Friday night and I'll try to post them soon.

Anyway, Saturday morning we all slept in late till 11am, got breakfast, and chilled a bit. Holly and Matt left in mid afternoon to the ranch to see Matt's horse that he has. They left at 2pm, and got back at around 5pm. I had decided not to go anywhere and just hang out with Jordan and Ale for a bit. Then they took off at 3pm to get food and other stuff. They didn't come back. But they called around 4:30pm and said they were at a friend's place and they'd try to get back soon. But all that time that Ale and Jordan were gone, I was home alone and tired from the night before. So I decided to sleep until they got back. I knew that my dad was supposed to pick me up at 5:30pm and take me to SF so we could see a band play that had released their first CD a week or so ago.

Anyway, Jordan and Ale never came home and Matt and Holly came back at 5pm, and went back out to do something. So i said my good byes to them and wrote a note to Ale and Jordan for them to get when they get back. So I packed all my things that I brought with me, and waited for my dad to show up. He was 15 minutes late, but it was ok, because we had lots of times to spare before we had to get to the city.

So we drove for an hour and finally got to the city by 7pm. We ate out at a mexican place and their food was ok, not good or bad, but ok. We ran into one of the members of the band we were gonna see at the restaurant too, so that was cool. Then we left, walked around for a bit, then walked back to the place we were supposed to be at. We paid for a ticket, which was only $14, and we got in to see the show. It was more than FaBuLoUs, they were extremely GOOD last night!! They lasted until 11pm, then we split from there and came back home. I made my dad and I some tea for the night, and we fell asleep on the couch till morning.

My dad had woken up a little bit before I did, and when I woke up, it was between 10:30am and 11am. I was aching all over this morning because of being crunched on the couch all night long. So I had decided around that time to go to my job and see what hours I was gonna work tomorrow and Tuesday. So I got there to find out that they fucking scheduled me today accidentally and the damn Managers had forgotten that I DID NOT want to start working before tomorrow. Dipshits. As pissed as I was, I went up to the manager that made out the damn schedule and told him that I wasn't reasy to work today and that I'll be there tomorrow. He appoligized for the screw up he made and let me go. I'm still pissed at them because they've messed up so many fucking times on this type of this and my co-workers complain to the managers too. I figured that they would get it straight this time, but they didn't. So I'm gonna write a nice letter to them saying that I'll be quitting this damn job in 3 weeks from now. I'm tired of the stress there, they work me so hard there, and I don't feel like putting my back thru any more shit than it has been thru already. So that's sorta what I've been doing today.

Yeah I'm babbling too much, but I just needed to get this down before I forget and/or procrastinate. Maybe I'll write more laterz. I hope everyone has had a good weekend too.

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