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Saturday night/evening, Part 3.

I'm gonna continue my story I've been meaning to finish on what's happened to me Saturday night and Sunday. This post is going to be long so please bare with me . Here it goes...

Holly was making hamburgers and potatoes for dinner, which was really good! I was still napping out in Ale's room when Holly peaked in the door quietly and told me that we needed to talk. I'm not gonna get into detail about except that we were talking about Mike and me, and what was starting to go on between us. After that, Mike had returned from his house and dinner was ready by then. It was around 7:30pm when all three of us finally ate.

Matt had dinner with his friends so he wasn't around. A friend of Holly's came over (I can't remember his name, sorry) and they talked for a while. We were all done with dinner and Holly fle tlike she was gonna get sick for a moment. So her friend massaged her head and did some healing on her for a little bit, which made her feel much better for going to work for an hour. While that was happening, I had decided to go out on Matt's scooter alone around the comples and the yards and ride around for a bit. It was almost like a meditation for me, and I needed some space from people for a bit. So I rode around for a half hour or so, then came back in the house and watched Matt and Mike play video games for a little bit. Then Holly left for work at around 9pm.

After Holly left, I took a nice long bath, then showered up, then got out and washed some dishes. Mike and Matt were watching some animated movie ( forget what the name of it is) while I was doing that. Everything seemed to go smoothly until after Holly came home from work, which was around 11pm. I was starting to feel insecure about what might be happening with Mike and I, so i told and asked Holly if I could sleep alone in Ale's room for the night and have Mike sleep elsewhere. Then Matt sorta heard our conversation, butted into it, and made a BIG deal out of it by hurting my feelings and pissing me off. I had told him nicely that it was confidential, and he kept on pushing his limits. By then, I was getting real upset by his rudeness towards me and my rights. So Holly decided that Matt, Mike, and I should get in a circle with her and talk about where we are, what the hell is going on, and where we'd like to stand for the night. I didn't want this to happen because all of us ended up really hurt and crying in our own way later on in the night. While we were in the circle, he kept on being rude by saying that he doesn't want to be near me because I have germs and that i was mean to him. I mean, come on!! I wasn't trying to be mean to him, I was speaking the truth and being as nice about it as I can, and who cares if I have germs or not. It's not like I'm gonna kill him with my germs...

ANYWAY later on, I got online and tried to get my mind off things by reading my LJ Friends entries. I was doing that for a few minutes, but it wasn't helping me get my mind off things. I wanted to write in it too, but Matt and Mike kept walking in and out of Ale's room, so I didn't get much privacy. Holly had also decided then to light up some sage to purify the house with happiness and love. Sage's almost like a type of incense but actual kinda leaves. Anyway, she went all around the house with it, and I was sorta starting to feel better, but not much.

Later, Matt and Mike came into Ale's room while I was still trying to read my LJ Friends page. They just sat on the bed quietly both still upset. Finally Mike said to us both, "Do you guys have any questions?" I told him, "No, nothing I can think of at the moment." I didn't feel like talking, otherwise I'd break out to tears. But he said, "Don't think. Feel." So I took a moment and stopped what I was doing and tried to feel what he and Matt were feeling. They were feeling pain and hurt and loss. Matt started crying big time because of Mike's situation with his life and parents and stuff that I'm not gonna get into right now. I was starting to feel all of the pain, hurt, and loss they were feeling and I started getting into tears too. Matt had to go to bed, which left Mike and I alone in Ale's room. I felt empty and sorta scared too, because I didn't want to say anything that'll hurt him. But we talked for a while baout our feelings. By then, it was 1am, and I was still crying but getting sleepy. So we decided to cuddle together for the night and heal each other's pain.

*continuing to Sunday...* Will finish this laterz, my dad and I are going out for dinner.
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