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Saturday - Part 3.

Mike had woken me up by 8am holding me close and wanting every chance to get into my shirt and kiss me. It was annoying because we'd get into a good sleeping position, then I'd move slightly and he'd move around a lot for the next 10 minutes trying to keep me awake and kissing me.

Finally I decided to just get up, pee, and get some breakfast. Holly was up by the time I got up which was around 9am, and we talked and ate breakfast. Matt and Mike came and got breakfast a half hour later while Jordan and Ale were still sleeping. Then at 10:30am, Jordan was awakened by his brother calling him on the phone telling him that he's gonna go pick up Jordan in a half hour from then. Later on, Jordan gets picked up by his bro and they leave. By then, I was still pretty tired from the night before that I crawled into Ale's bed for a little bit and slept, keeping Ale company for a bit. (His bed's sooooo comfy that it's hard to get out of it) Holly and Matt had left for an errand by then too. Later, Mike comes into the room, and wakes me up by scooping me up into his arms and taking me into the living room.

Mike and I watched TV, cuddled, and I fell asleep right in front of the TV in his arms, which was around noonish or 1pm. Afterwards, I have the urge to go swimming at the complex swimming pool. So I get some swimming stuff on, and go swimming with some young kids. I just needed space from Mike by then for a bit.

So I went swimming for a bit, got out soaking wet w/o a towel and cold, and ran back to the house and got sorta dried out and warm again. Ale was finally up playing video games with Mike for a bit.

A few hours go by, and I decided to call Ariel to see if she was coming up to my house to stay with me this week. We talk for a bit, then Ale and Ariel talk for a bit, then Mike and Ale sorta were bothering me while i was on the phone with Ariel. I eventually got off the phone with her a few minutes later. Then Mike and I go out to the complex swimming pool and hang out with the kids for a bit, but didn't go in the pool. Then Holly saw us out there, and joined us. A few minutes later, we all sat in the sun and fell asleep there for a while.

I then wake up at around 5pm, walk back into the house and crawl into Matt's bunckbed, which was also comfy. I hid and slept up there for a couple of hours until dinner was ready.

*Next post on Saturday night/evening...* I'm getting really sleepy right now from trying to write all of this out, so I will continue the rest of the weekend story later after I get some sleep. Laterz...
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