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Friday Night - part 2.

*Continuing from last post*

9:30pm after dinner, Mike and I split to get his clothes from the laundry mat and go to his house real quick for some stuff since he was also spending the night at Holly's place. While we were doing that, Jordan and Ale leave for a bit to find a party to attend to while Holly and matt go to Holly's work for an hour.

Anyway, around 10pm, Mike and I walked in the dark to some school benches. We talked, looked up at the wonderful stars, kissed, hugged and cuddled each other for 10 minutes or so. Then we walk back to Holly's place to find out that we were locked out completely! So Mike and I climbed over the little backyard fence and hung out there for an hour until Holly and Matt came home to let us in, which was around 11:15pm.

Holly and Matt go to bed at midnight and Mike and I were in Ale's room kissing and really getting each other turned on. We were EXTREMELY close to having real sex with each other, but I stopped him by telling him I had my period. Good thing I did, so I didn't have to worry about no protection, even with condem on, and worrying about getting pregnant. But we sorta had sex with our pants on and he gave me a few orgasms like that while I gave him one. Man it was a GOOD time to be horny then! ;-)

Afterwards, I cleaned up and took a shower at 1:30am. Still horny then, I masturbated and also wanted to release bad crap and stress that was in me before going to bed. So that was a good way of releasing stuff too. I hop outta the shower by 2:30am and walked into Ale's room to find that Ale and Jordan had returned from whatever party they went to. NO I didn't walk in there naked, I had a robe on. So they played video games while Mike and I went online and surfed around for a bit and listening to music. We all stayed up till 5am, then went to bed. Ale had turned on some soothing night music for us to go to sleep to, but it was up too loud, so Jordan eventually turned it off. Mike cuddled up with me all night and kept me warm. What a sweety. :-)

*Continueing to Saturday morning...*
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