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Friday - Part 2.

5:30am I get awakened by Holly's alarm clock from her bed, then I doze off to sleep. An hour later, Holly leaves for her morning work duty for an hour and comes back at 7:15am and goes back into bed for a while. Then matt comes in at 10am and wakes me up say good morning and visit me. We all have breakfast, matt goes outside and plays while Holly and I tidy up her house for an hour or so. At 2pm, we all leave for a friend's house and hang out there for a couple of hours. I play with Matt for a bit, then help Holly and her friend install a program on a computer.

Later on, Holly, Matt, and I leave there and ran into a fruit guy on the side of the road full of fruits for sale. While we were there, we ran into QQ. We talked to him for a bit, then split to the store for some stuff, then went to Grilly's little mexican place to get food for us since we were all starving.

5pm, Holly drops me off at her place, and her and Matt go back to her friend's place for a few hours. While they were gone and I was alone again, I called my dad to tell him I was staying another night over at Holly's. Afterwards, I turned on Ale's computer and decided to scan and defrag it since it hasn't been scanned and defraged in 2 years. Not good. Defraging took about an hour to do, but it plowed thru it and got it done.

7pm, I nap out for a half hour or so to regain my energy back. Then a hald hour later, I went out to the yard where kids played and I decided to join in and play with them, even though I didn't know them that well. but it was fun and was well worth it.

8pm, Ale's friend, Mike, shows up at the door wondering if Ale was around. I told him that he wasn't and that he was at Jordan's house. So Mike and I talked a little, got to know each other, then Ale, Jordan, Matt, and Holly show up around the same time, and I think we have dinner or at least something to eat at that point.

*Will continue to Friday night...*
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