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Thrusday, Part 1 of story.

Most of Thrusday was ok, since I didn't do much all day except sleep and relax. But my dad came home at around 4pm and told me that we were going out to the San Rafael Street fair to possibly meet up with QQ and Holly and her son Matt. So at about 6:30pm, my dad and I leaft the house and drove up to San Rafael, and spent a good 15 minutes or so trying to find a freaking parking place, since almost ALL of them were taken... Anyway we walked around at the Street Fair, bought a few cool things, and left there at about 8:30pm, and went to QQ's house. Saw Holly, Matt, and some other people there too. So I hung out there for an hour, then left with Holly and Matt to go to their house to spend the night.

15 minutes later, I was guest-home alone for an hour or so, since Holly had to leave for work for an hour. So while they were gone, she recommended me to watch a movie called "A Civil Action" with John Travolta playing Jan. During the beginning of the movie, I had no understanding what the movie was suppose to be about until later on. Then Holly and Matt come home as I watched half-way thru the movie. (Forgot to mention that Matt is only 9 y-o)

Then Holly and I got into deep talking until 1am. She goes to bed and I hop into the shower to get cleaned up before going to sleep. Then I got out, got some snacks from the kitchen, go into Ale's room and watch the rest of the movie. Went to bed at 2am.


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