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School Ramblings
Hmm, strangely enough my report card was supposed to come in yesterday like it usually would, but never did. I even wonder if we got anything at all yesterday, kinda getting suspicious... Anyway the second semester starts tomorrow (yuck) so i guess it's gonna be a chance for me to do a little better than the first semester. I don't even know what my second semester grades are, and the teachers won't tell me. ARGH! It's pissing me off because I wanna know how well I'm doing.
School Dream
It's funny, yesterday morning I had a dream where I was at school on a Saturday morning, just leaving. Then I saw a bunch of students walking up to the school, which got me wondering, "what's going on here?" SO asked my friend Steven who happened to be there what was happening. He said, "Everyone's coming back to retake the finals they flunked on so they can get a better report card." I pretty much that that was weird, but assumed that the whole thing didn't apply to me since I thought then that I had good grades. Then I turn around and see my dad behind me all pissed off and annoyed at me. I was thinking, SHIT I probably have bad grades and my dad's gonna seriously nail me for it too! So there I was standing there, kinda scared at what he might say to me. "Look, I don't even want to get into a big fat discussion about your grades," my dad said to me. "Your grades are absolutely fucked and you're coming home." "Um well what are my grades?" I asked him. He didn't even wanna get into it and he wouldn't tell me. "Look I don't feel like giving you shit or yelling at you so let's go home." So I decided to tell him what was going on at my school. Then he changed his mind and decided to let me stay and take all the finals over so I could do better, and that actually cheered him up. end of dream...
Anyway I'm gonna find out at school tomorrow what's going on and if they have sent out grades yet or not. I'm kinda worried about two classes, that's it. In the rest of my classes I know I'm doing well so I'm not worried. :-)
Last night's movie
Watched an emotional-rollercoaster movie called Sweethearts. It almost made me cry in the end, it was real sad... I'm not going to give the story away if you guys haven't seen it, but it is a good movie. I recommend for you to see it sometime, because I felt something telling me a few good advices of things not to do or say. One message I got from it was don't say that you're gonna commit suicide or kill yourself because you'll be letting people down and later you would be sorry that you've said it in the first place, even if you're kidding around. Another message I got from this was don't take your own life for any reason. You're born here for a reason or another, and don't waste it on something stupid, it's not worth the pain and loss. That's what i got out of it, and it helped.
Later last night & This morning
Didn't get to bed till about 2am or 3am... Slept ok except I woke up a few times in the night because of my next door neighbors partying away till about 5am... Then woke up this morning on the opposite side of the bed, which is very odd, but whatever. Then I got up at about 11am, thinking I had to work today and I was super late for it. Then realized a few seconds later that I didn't have to work and I just needed to chill out a bit and get some breakfast. So that was that. Then I ran to the store, got a few things, came back and actually had some breakfast.

So here I am sitting here, thinking what should I do for the remaining of the day... I know this journal is really long, and I didn't tend for it to be THIS long but oh well. There's a few more things that are running in my mind but I'll mention it later maybe in my next entry... Anyway, enough of my rambling. :-) Laterz... Oh and hello to Joshers, Logan, matic, blinkme, etc...

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