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My day today....

Today was a neat day except for the fact that my cold's kicking in and making me feel real drowsy right now. This morning I got up early thinking my dad was still in bed sleeping. But he was up and getting ready for work, which was good. So I kept him company while he was getting ready, then he zoomed off to work. After he left, I dozed off to sleep on the couch from 7am to about 10:30am...

An hour or so later, I went on a long walk around town and stopped by Starbucks and Safeway to get stuff. Walked all the way home and napped out for an hour. Woke up at 3pm and realized i had misssed the bus to get to my 3:30pm chiropractor appointment. So I ran into my next door neighbor, and she gave me a ride over there. It's only about a mile or so away, but not enough time to get there by walking from my house to there. Anyway, I got done with that and stopped over at Stefano's little Pizza place and got one slice of pizza. It was a HUGE slice and I was and still am extremely full from it too. Then I came home at about 5pm and was starting to get a headache... So I napped out for a little bit and just woke up about 15 minutes ago to check email and write in here and also read my LJ Friends' entries.

MAybe I should just go back to sleep for now and rest my head, cuz it feel stuff up along with my nose which isn't fun at the moment. I might be up laterz to chat on ICQ, who knows. Laterz everyone.
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