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Today and misc. thoughts

Got up this morning at about 11am this morning, and went to bed at around 4am this morning. Yes I know I've been going to bed later and later each night. Gotta snap outta that when next semester starts on Monday.

Well today was a pretty good day, and it finally got SUNNY outside. :-) YAY! So I went out on my bike and rode around for a bit in the nice warm weather.

Umm where are my nail clippers? I can't seem to find them on my desk anywhere... Hmmm. Oops nevermind, found them.

I have noticed that most of the really good movies are always on in the middle of the night and they almost never show them again any other time. WHY is that?? Not that I watch a lot of movies at night but my dad does...

I'm gonna go eat dinner so I'll update this laterz.
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