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Today 7/24/01

I woke up this morning at about 6am, got my dad up, and made coffee for him and made myself my morning tea. I messed around on the computer for a little bit, also tried to see if my LJ Friends Page would load up. But it didn't... So my dad left at around 7am and I was still tired that I decided to crawl back into bed for a little bit. Woke up again at around 9:30-10am (can't remember exactly) and called Ari (my school friend) and see if he wanted to get together. He said he was busy cleaning the house, but another time. So we talked on the phone for a while about his favorite video games and such. I managed to get his email address too, so I'll email him later. ;-)

About a half hour or so later, I went to Safeway to get a few things, and saw a few of my co-workers too. So I got a little dose of my favorite co-worker too. :-) Then I came back home, dropped of the stuff I got from the store and went out to Starbucks and saw my ex b/f Mike. he's got a new g/f now, and I'm happy for him. So I got me a Venti Vanilla Steamed Milk and talked to Mike for an hour, then left. I didn't bring enough money with me, so i ran out when I went to another Safeway to pick up some snacks. So I decided to walk home. It was only a few miles away, and I needed the exercise anyway, so why not...

Came home at about 1:30pm and crashed out for a few hours. I had the most wierdest dreams that I won't get into right now, because they're kinda long. Anyway I woke up a few times and last woke up at about 5:30pm to my dad calling me on my cell wondering what we should have for dinner. So I've been up since then checking my email and writing in here.

Here I leave you with the next post on what's coming up for me this week.

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