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Monday 7/23/01

Yesterday and today I didn't have to work. So Yesterday morning I took a 2-hour walk, then come home to find my dad cleaning his company truck, and basically had the rest of the damn day off... So two of his co-workers came over and kinda made a mess in the parking lot and they cleaned their trucks for a few hours as well. I helped them a little bit with little things, so it was cool.

A few times in the day, I chatted with Vortex which was awesome. Later on I was suppose to have plans to go near the Golden Gate Bridge and hang out with a few friends for a few hours. But it got cancelled. I was disappointed cuz i was pretty much looking forward to hanging out with them. Then I napped out for an hour and woke up feeling grumpy and groggy. So my dad, Annie (our close friend that my dad occasionally works with) and I went out to a mexican restaurant, and talked and ate dinner there. It was nice to get out of the house for dinner. Then my dad dropped me off at home, and he left to work at a small night job with Annie while I chatted with my favorite Vortex for a couple of hours. I also decided in the spare moment I had (before my dad came home) to masturbate. I didn't get to finish it and my dad came home and caught me in my room doing it. BIG TIME OOPSY! But my dad and I talked about and it's all good now. But I was extremely embarrassed for almost the rest of the night that I didn't want to do it, but finshed it off later on. So it was really good. After that I went to bed at about midnight and slept really well.

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