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good & bad crap

Today was a good day, didn't have to work, so it was great. I hooked up with Ale's mom and his brother and some other friend, and we all went hiking up the Mtn... It was really nice. That was in the late afternoon.

This morning I got up at about 10:30am, took a shower, and was out the door by 11am to meet up with my favorite co-worker and have lunch with him. Then we napped out in his van for a half hour, then I left to take a short walk, then came home around 12:30ish. After that, I decided to hang up a few of my old art and pics of me on the walls in my room, and it looks great.

Tonight I called Kelly at her uncle's place. She picked up the phone, knew that it was me, and hung up on me. This is the third time she's done this to me, and I'm pissed at her. So I'm just assuming that our friendship that we've had for almost 7 years is now over. She's shutting me down for some damn reason, and I wish she'd speak up about it. But she never will. Whatever, it's her problem and probably partially mine too, not gonna get into it right now. Emotionally inside, I'm hurting a lot, but finding a different way of dealing with it, and that is to let her go... It's hard, and it'll take me a few days for me to fully heal, but I'll be ok. Not sure of any other way of dealing with it right now, but if you guys can come up with anything, I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanx for listening. :-) NIght night....
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