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Last night I came home from Ale's house, made tea for my dad and me, unpacked all my crap, and went to sleep... I was real pooped and sore from having Ale's younger brother pounce on me for 3 days or so... I'm still kinda sore today as well, but well enough to work and crap...

Today didn't seem too exciting. It wasn't a bad day, just a normal work day I guess. I worked from 9am to 6pm. it was and ok day at work, got busy in the end but that's ok. At 2pm I came home for lunch and chatted with Vortex for a bit, then went back to work at 3pm and finished off my shift. Came home at about 6:15pm and one of my co-workers came home with me since she was off for her lunch hour. So we hung out, chatted with Vortex, and then she split at 7pm. After that, I kinda napped out for a few minutes, then dad came home and we had dinner. Now I'm having tea and chatting with a couple of LJers... NIght night and hugs to y'all.

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