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Cleaning and a close diabetic friend

Well today I accomplished mopping both the kitchen and bathroom floors today. It was extremely dirty and I'm glad I did it too. Now I feel happier about it than I have. I still have some kitchen and bathroom cleaning to do tomorrow but at least I got the most annoying part of it done.

I also did it for one of my dad's friends that was here on Saturday. (Let's call him QQ or Q) He was telling my dad and me how his roommates aren't clean and are careless about themselves and their stuff. So I was remembering that story and decided to make QQ, my dad and myself happy. Also QQ has diabetes and his health has been ok, but his body isn't accepting any foods that will later form into sugar or has sugar in it. Plus the stuff he needs to take to control his sugar level hasn't helped him at all. So yesterday he went to see his doctor and got new meds and I guess it's kicking in tonight and he's getting better which is good! He also called my dad tonight to let him know that he's doing better and might make it into work tomorrow, so that's great. I was thinking about QQ all day, hoping he'd get better. Yesterday he was almost close to dying and I was so worried about him that my dad and I went up to his house to visit him and give him lots of good healing energy. He's a really great guy and I don't ever want to lose him, especially as a friend.
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