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Saturday afternoon, skipping to today.

Yesterday I had a nice working shift from 9am to 6pm, and it wasn't too busy like it usually is on weekends, so it was really nice!

Let's see, Saturday I worked and most of the work day was good except for the last half hour of the day. But to back up a bit, I went home for lunch and went back to work a half hour later but forgot to bring my house keys with me. So I locked myself out of my place but knew that my dad would be home later and I wouldn't have to worry about being locked out. But for some stupid damn reason my dad thought I got out of work at 4pm when I actually got out of work at 5pm. So I guess he waited for me to come home and finally came into the store pissed at me and practically threw my keys at me and said, "Why are you still here? You got off here at 4pm, right?" By then I was a little pissed at him for not remembering when I got off of work and told him, "No I get off at 5pm." So he got all mad at himself and stormed out of the store as if I was the cause of the problem or something. So his vibes ruined the rest of my work day and I came home so pissed off that I wanted to scream or something, evn though I didn't scream. One of my little shit fits my body was going through at the time. So I let myself calm down for a few minutes, then called my dad and told him I was home, and he was still in a bitchy mood. What he later told me when he got home that I guess I didn't understand was he was in a hurry to get pizza before 6pm because my dad's friends were coming over then and he wanted to be sure to get back on time before they got here, which is understandable. So after I got off the phone with him, I was really tired from work but still pissed and I sorta cried myself to sleep for about 15 minutes... Then dad came home all happy and was talking to someone on the phone and noticed I was still a little upset about his attitude. So I got out of my bed and he was happy to see me, but my body was thinking he was mad at me even though he wasn't. Anyway, I talked to my dad's other friend on his phone and started feeling better, so it was good. After that, my dad and I talked, hugged, and made up for earlier, and had a little bit of pizza before his buddies came over. So they came over, and we all played music and recorded some of it and had a blast! Anyway enough on that day/night.

This morning I decided to sleep in till 9:30am even though I went to bed at 11:30pm last night. I got plenty of sleep and happy about it. I did wake up at almost 6am this morning thinking I need to get my dad up. But I heard him walking around and getting ready for work so I decided to fall back asleep. I'm glad I did too, I wasn't in the mood to get up then. So here I am, kinda lazing around since I'm not working today or tomorrow, YAY!

Enough of me babbling for now, gotta go to take a shower and do other stuff. Hi to all LJer buddies! ;-)

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