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yesterday into this morning

Here I go skipping a day of journaling... j/k. Anyway yesterday I worked from 8am to 5pm and it zipped by quick till the last half hour of the shift before I went home. Will explain the details in the next entry since I'm sorta in a hurry for work this morning. Anyway after work, my dad's friends came over and we all played music and recorded some stuff too. It was nice. One of my dad's friends stayed at our place till about 2am, and didn't really get to bed till about 3am... But I managed to get up at 7:30am this morning and have time to chat and get ready for work. I'm pretty tired from last night though, but I'll manage to get through this day too like yesterday. I'm working 9-6 today.
Gotta take off here in about 5-10 minutes or so... Laterz.

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