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my blabbering of the day...

Well I got up this morning at about 10:30am which is a bit later than I usually get up but whatever. Slept real good anyway. Stayed up till about 3am cleaning up my room and crap like that.

Speaking of cleaning, eventually I got so bored last night that I decided to clean the bathroom sink, which now looks EXTREMELY shiny! Before it was VERY cruddy and VERY dusty and dirty and uninviting. Now I'm real glad I did that last night, it really needed a deep thorough cleaning! :-)

Now I sit here writing this entry, listening to Sting's Brand New Day album and drinking tea, still in my pajamas. I guess I should email T, D, and my mom later today. Later this afternoon, I'm gonna meet Mike @ Starbucks and after that we might come back to my place for a little bit. Nothing too big, but just to hang out and stuff. :-)

All of a sudden a few new people from who knows where have decided to add me to their contact list in ICQ. One of them's not talking to me, so like what was the point of him adding me to his list if he ain't gonna talk to me? hmm?? Well whatever...

I messed around on getting my LiveJournal settings the way I want them. They're pretty cool, but I might mess around on it some more and check out more settings. Let me know what y'all think. :-) I'll write more later. Peace out!!

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