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Oops a week from posting anything...

I appoligize for not keeping up in posting in here daily, I've either forgotten or am too tired to do it, so i thought I'd do it now while I'm chatting with some LJers.

Last Friday was my mom's birthday and I had to work then. When I was off of work, I was too tired and stressed from work to email/call my mom to wish her a happy birthday. Bad bad me! So the next day I got a bad email from my mom saying this: "Hey sweetheart, I can't believe you forgot me on my really hurts. Guess you've got other things to do, think about. see ya, mom" it crushed me completely because she knows damn well that I work and I don't have the time that she has in her hands to email or call her everyday. Anyway I emailed her back late at night telling her I was sorry for not contacting her on her bday and that i had worked all day and was stressed out. Then on Sunday afternoon I called her up and she was really understandable about it all and was just happy that I called her. So all's good with her again.

I worked every day from last Thursday up to tomorrow... YUCK! I'm working full time this week because of 4th of July stuff and twice more customers coming into the store stocking up and getting ready for it... Today was especially frustrating mainly because of the weather being so hot and I had to work outside for part of the day which sucked! Hopefully it'll be a little cooler tomorrow so that'll be good.

Right now I'm chatting with Vortex and looking at Josh's website which is pretty cool. More stuff to come laterz.
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