Molly Z (mjz) wrote,
Molly Z

dead tired!!

Well I made it through work finally. All I can say about it was it was majorly annoying, and I'm too tired to get into it right now. But I'm just glad that the day's over and I get to be here at home.

Ahh great that reminds me, I have soooo much homework to do, and it's all due Monday - oh my god!!! I think I'm getting overwhelmed full of too much stuff, I don't know. All I know is that I have a paper to write up for US History, an outline to do for Geography, an abstract report on my science fair project for Intergrated Science, a book to finish for American Literature, and I think that's it. All of this stuff is due Monday, and I can't see how I'm able to do all of this stuff in 1 1/2 days and working on top of it all. ARGH!! Oh well, that's life i guess...

Progress reports are coming out in a few days too so I need to make sure on Monday that I'm doing somewhat well in all of my classes, etc. Anyway I won't dwell you guys with all of my complaining, so I'll shut up now on that stuff....

Still haven't talked to Kelly, T, or D yet but hope to soon, I miss them. Hopefully they're doing ok tonight. Anyway, I should get a move along and get a few things done, then go to bed. More stuff to come soon. So keep checking back here for more. :-) G'night!

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