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my weekend

Well I think overall my weekend kinda sucked in which I'll explain why a little later.

Friday was okay, didn't do much. Saturday I worked from 9am to 6pm and REALLY wasn't in the mood to work. When I left home for lunch I had this bad sharp pain in my eyes, and it lasted for three damn hours. I was able to see fine but it was hard for me to focus at work. After that I had a huge headache that actually didn't fully go away until Sunday night. It really sucked too! I came home from work Saturday evening, tried to eat even though I was starving, but couldn't. By then my headache was getting worse and it hurt so much for me to move at that point. Sleep did help though.

Sunday my dad came into my room at about 9:30am telling me he had a call from his boss telling him he needs to come to work immediately. Pretty unusual for a Sunday. So he worked until 1pm and came home. I mean my dad and I had plans to go out of town for the day, so him getting a call from his boss saying he needs to work really fucked up our plans for the day, which put both of us in a bad mood. (Not at/with each other) So at around 4pm, my dad and I zoomed off to a friend's house cuz he was having his birthday party there. We both were really not in the mood to go, and I still had the same bad headache from the day before. But by the time we got there and settled into the scene a little bit, it was cool. We had a blast there, and stayed there until midnight. Oops! That was okay, because near the end of the night, my headache finally went away and got me in a much better mood. I've never had so much pain in that long 24 hours before... Weird.

Monday (yesterday) I slept in till 10am. Then got up, dressed, and walked to Starbucks, got something to drink, then came home. Did a few things around the house, then crashed out from 11am to 2pm. Then got up and started cleaning my room and getting rid of a bunch of old papers I didn't want that I saved from school. Bad idea, because all of those papers took most of the room up in my closet and I didn't have room to put other stuff in there. I didn't finish but it looks much better than it did before. So I'm pretty pleased about it.

It also rained yesterday, which I didn't expect at all. I guess it's gonna rain some more today as well. Anyway, that's what I've been up to for the past few days or so. I'll try to write more stuff laterz.

Hi Vortex!
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