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Yesterday's agenda and today's plans

Yesterday was a good different day. I decided to take my morning walk, and stop by my school to ask about tell her I had passed my proficiency tests and ask about my grades. She wasn't there, but I accidentally ran into my ex ex b/f. I guess he's taking Driver's Ed for two weeks or something. So we got together and had lunch at Grilly's, eating quesadillias. They were yummy! Hadn't had one in almost a year, wow!

After that, we went to Best Buy and I bought him a CD, and also bought myself a couple of CDs too. Then we split and he went to his grandparents' place and I went home. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Later that afternoon, I was surfing the net and was searching my old hometown near Lake Tahoe. As I was searching, I saw one of my old friend's names in there with the same old address from 6 years ago, it was amazing. So I called them up, and they were soooo happy to hear from me! They remembered my parents really well, mainly my mom because years ago she baby-sat for my friend's younger brother when his parents weren't home. My mom was really good with him and she was hilarious too. She was cool like that. I mostly talked to my friend (Maddy) for a long time, and we talked about all the people we used to know from elementary school and how they're doing now. It was insteresting to hear how they are. Maddy wants me to call her today sometime, so we can talk some more.

After that, I called Ariel and she wasn't feeling well, and I guess she's coming down with a cold or something, I don't know. Anyway hope she's feeling better today. Then I decided to call my mom, and we had a really long nice happy talk for about an hour about tv shows and stuff. I guess she's slowly cleaning up her health which is good, because I do worry about her and hope she's doing well. She seems to be happier in the last five or six months, which is cool.

It was funny - my dad was talking to only one person for a few hours last night while I talked to about three people in a few hours also. So it was a nice was to spend the evening/night.

I think I'll stop babbling for now and go out on my morning walk and get a few things done here while I have my day off from work. I go back there tomorrow, Damn... Ah well, hope everyone has a really good Friday! TGIFF!!!

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