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Nightmare songs

I'm curious if anybody at all has had any nightmares of songs they liked in their dreams... It's kinda hard to explain, but this is something that has bothered me all my life and I don't know how to get rid of it.

When I was really young, probably about 2 or 3 years old, sometimes I would hear a good song that my parents would play OR I'd hear some old TV theme song that I liked a lot. Later on, I'd have a dream of a certain song that I really liked along with a familiar place I've been to before. It may sound nice but what happens from my point of view, is somehow something comes up in the dream, and turns around into something awful and becomes a nightmare. Once that happens and even if I wake up and I'm ok, I still remember clearly of those kinds of dreams and there's no way for me to erase those nightmares out of my life. I mean I'll forget about them, but once in a while I'll bump into some song or event that happened in the past and I get flashbacks of them. To me, it's really scary which makes it hard for me to hear some of my favorite songs I used to like without getting nightmare flashbacks from when I was real young.

Has anybody experienced anything like this before or anything similar to this? If, so, what was it like for you?
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