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Getting Up To Date

What's up y'all? Sorry for the delay, just been busy lately... Anyway, here's the news on what's been going on with me in the past few days:

Sunday - spent a really good day with my dad, and we walked around in San Francisco, mostly in Castro St where most of the gay/lesbian stores and bars and stuff were. It was really nice to explore that part of town, really different in a good way. I bought a Beatles cd and a QAF Soundtrack cd, both really good!

Monday - Went back to work after taking a month off to do finals... Felt a little weird being back because of new employees coming in and a couple of new stupid rules added/changed that I have to remember. Ah well. Worked from 11am to 8pm.

Tuesday (yesterday) - Took a morning walk/jog for an hour, which was really nice. But should've done it a little earlier in the morning because by the time I got done, I was extremely hot, sweaty and getting dehydrated, not good to do at 11am. Then I worked from 1pm to 7pm without a lunch break. That part really sucked since I was starving all day. But I managed to get a couple of breaks in, so that was ok. Came home after that and decided to call Ariel who I haven't chatted with in a month or two it seems like. We talked for an hour, then we chatted online for a couple of hours. Then I went to sleep at about 1am.

Today so far - Managed to get my ass up at 6am to try to get my dad up and ready for work. But he didn't get up till 6:40am, talk about running LATE! Oh well. I don't have to work today, tomorrow, and Friday. YAY! Maybe i'll try to get a few important things accomplished today if possible. Writing in here's one of them.

Ahh enough babbling from me for now. Might write more laterz. have a good day everyone and peace!

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