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TGIF day

Today was a really good, accomplishing day. Even though yesterday was my last day of school, I decided to leave my place at 9am and go back to my school to help teachers and staff clean their rooms for a few hours. It was good because I managed to get extra credit in a few of my classes, which was great. So I was happy.

After that, I went to Longs Drug Store to get a new pair of headphones and a new watch - they both broke on me... So I'm happy to have gotten that stuff. Then after that i decided to get something to eat at a cafe near my place, and they have good food there. Since I was starving and hadn't eaten all day, I got some spaghetti and garlic bread which were both tasty and filling. Then it was about 2pm and I went home after that. Did some chores around the place and partially lazed around for the rest of the afternoon. So that's my day for ya.

More to come laterzz...
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