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Watch out! Something new and different...

Today was actually a good day, even though I was a bit depressed for half of the day about something. After school today, I was hanging out with my buddies, and we had decided to play "Truth Or Dare." One of the guys had dared me to french kiss a freshie sweet girl. Yes I was nervous, but I went and did the dare anyway. I never had experienced anything like this before, and it was good.
Maybe I needed something like this, to cheer me up for the day, to help me take my mind off of what I was depressed about. I want to thank my friends for sticking up for me and being there for me. This is the time in the school year when it's really hard for me to say good bye to my friends, even though I'll see most of them next year.
Only one more week of school left for me, YAY!! Then I'll be back to work after that. Anyway, that's all for now. maybe more stuff laterz.
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