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Wednesday I did my performance with the music department. It was fun but slightly frustrating too. But we all got thru it and made it a good show. It really feels good that this is out of the way now, which gives me room to worry about other things I need to be aware of before school's out.

Yesterday my dad worked all day and I stayed home, did a little hw, and slept most of the day. It was really nice to catch up on sleep. Then I decided to call up my best friend that I was trying to email on Friday. She's doing really well with most things and sorta having problems family wise about stuff which sucks. We talked for a good hour I think before my dad came back from work. I miss her and I also miss Kelly. Ahh well.

Today I'm gonna go shopping for new clothes. That should be fun. ;-)

Friday night I accidentally bumped into Simon DZ's little website. It's not much but extremely hilarious to read! Check it out! More cool stuff to come laterz.
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